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Meet Elen


I am an award-winning councilwoman, human and civil rights activist, community advocate, and businesswoman who has invested a majority of my life in our community and its challenges. A first-generation immigrant, I was at the formative age of 10 years old when my family moved from Armenia to Glendale. I proudly remain a product of the community that afforded me all of my opportunities.


I am the only candidate in this race who brings over 24 years of local, state, and federal level experience in policy, and community organizing coupled with the depth of knowledge and relationships that I have accumulated while fighting for our residents and small businesses right here in AD44 - from Los Angeles to the Valley to Burbank to Glendale and beyond. My record has earned me the endorsements and support of a broad coalition from women's orgs and public safety to environmental justice and housing advocates.


As the first immigrant woman, the first Armenian-American woman and the 7th woman in the history of Glendale to be elected to and serve on the council, I know representation and experience matter. We need leaders who get things done and have the courage to go to bat for their constituents–and my record is clear not just with mere words but with over two decades of actions and initiatives in successfully championing housing, healthcare, access, cutting bureaucratic red tape, fighting for social justice, women’s rights and reproductive freedom, public transportation, worker’s rights, small businesses, environmental justice, and uplifting marginalized communities and voices, and with your support, I’ll do it in the Assembly. I am in a crowded race with 7 other candidates and am the only viable woman to win this seat.

Despite a proven track record unlike any other candidate in this race, the climb has been steep, battling both unconscious and conscious bias and witnessing opponents receive support without a comparable record ignites the fire every day. This isn’t just my unique experience, it’s the story of every woman who runs for office. These experiences and the stories of our residents and small business owners resonate in my work, from the council dais to broader advocacy. Driven by a deep-seated empathy and the courage to fight the good fight, I aspire to dismantle barriers, ensuring every voice is heard, thoughtfulness is placed in policies we craft, and access to resources like housing, healthcare, services and small businesses support is a universal right. This journey is not just a personal odyssey; it's a commitment to a more inclusive, equitable future.

If you feel as I do that we deserve thoughtful policies, then join me in charting a new course for the state and district we love.



Elen Asatryan

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