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Access for All

Ensuring access for all, has always been a driving force for me - the issue that is closest to my heart. When we speak about access we mean equity representation for all - especially the working class, marginalized and immigrant communities, women, minorities, our LGBTQ+ community, seniors, the disabled, and our small businesses. Everyone regardless of their background deserves a quality education, health care, housing, a clean and safe  environment and access to programs to help them flourish. All too often we see members of our community cut out from important aspects of our society and we need to be intentional about the implementation part of our policy decisions, cutting the bureaucratic red tape to ensure access for all, not just those who can afford it or know how to navigate the mazy government structures. 

Women’s Rights &
Reproductive Freedom

I am a lifelong advocate for reproductive freedom and expanded reproductive rights for all. I am an unapologetic champion when it comes to women’s rights and have made it my life’s work to fight for gender equity and reproductive health for women. At a time in our nation’s history when reproductive rights are being banned, we need to unite together to ensure CA is a true safe haven for all seeking reproductive healthcare, including abortion. I am so very proud to have the sole endorsement of Planned Parenthood, CA Democratic Women's Legislative Caucus, FundHer, National Women's Political Caucus and so many others in our race for assembly as a partner to build on this important work. 

Cost of Living

We can’t ignore that we are struggling, our residents and our mom and pop shops.  The oppressive barrier to entry for housing, day to day cost of living, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and impacts of inflation are impacting us all. . We need to ensure that there are support systems in place so that people don’t lose their homes and can feed their families. We need to create a lifeline for our small businesses so that they aren't forced to close. We have real choices to make in Sacramento everyday to support our working families and I am ready to take on the challenge, just like I have for the last 24 years in advocacy and as a councilmember.

Environment &
the Climate Crisis:

Our climate crisis is at a tipping point. No longer can we afford to make incremental changes and excuses - we need big bold and decisive action. I believe we must take immediate and intentional action towards our zero emission future. Access to moving to green solutions, especially for our working class and our workforce should always be part of the discussion when making policies to better our environment. I will continue to prioritize protecting the health and safety of our environment, communities and collective future in the legislature. 


It is clear we need more housing inventory- especially affordable housing.Someone with a minimum wage job should be able to secure housing without having to work more than 1 full time job. This is not the case in California and definitely not the case in our district. Working families cannot afford to own or even rent homes in the areas they work, putting even more economic burdens on them. We also need to address rising rent prices. I want to tackle these issues so that workers can afford to live in the state they work in.

Supporting Local Businesses &
Our Economy

Small businesses are a vital part of the health of our communities, but are still on the mend from the brutal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses support our economy locally and statewide. We need to increase access to capital, programs and incentives for small businesses, especially those that are owned by minorities or women, so that these businesses can thrive. As a small business owner myself, I am a huge proponent of ensuring we actively support our local economy and businesses. 

Public Safety

I will support efforts to increase public safety through restorative justice, community policing alternatives, and supporting our law enforcement and first responders with resources to address crime and to keep us safe.I will work them and with community groups and other critical stakeholders on policies that champion public safety while creating a more supportive and just community. I am proud to have the endorsement of both the Glendale Firefighters and Police Officers.

Inclusive Policies for Individuals with Disabilities

Like all, this issue is close to my heart as I've personally witnessed how our government and bureaucratic systems often fail to adequately support and address the needs of individuals with disabilities. Drawing from these experiences, I am dedicated to advocating for increased funding in inclusive education, promoting employment opportunities, enhancing accessible infrastructure, improving healthcare access, providing robust support services, ensuring affordable and accessible housing, advancing technology inclusion, facilitating civic engagement, and strengthening anti-discrimination measures. Through collaboration with disability advocacy groups and the community, I look forward to creating policies that empower individuals with disabilities and rectify the systemic shortcomings, fostering a more inclusive and equitable California for all.

Animal Welfare

As a dog mom to my two greatest loves and rescues, Sunny and now Buddy, my passion for animal welfare runs deep, stemming from my childhood days growing up in a family that tended to livestock and had a special love for horses. My platform centers on addressing the issues contributing to animal suffering and habitat destruction, making veterinary care more accessible and affordable, and ending the tragedy of kill shelters. Together, we can build a more compassionate future where animals are protected throughout the Golden State.

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