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If you feel as I do, that we can do and deserve better,
then join our campaign.


Dear Neighbors and Friends,


I am excited to announce that I am running for Glendale City Council. The decision was an easy one because I love Glendale and I believe I can make a positive change. We need leaders who get things done and have the courage to go to bat for their constituents, especially during these trying times.


My involvement and community service over the course of more than 20 years have more than prepared me for the challenges we all face —whether it is the rise in homelessness and crime, small businesses struggling to stay afloat, people feeling left behind by unaffordable rents and the rising cost of living, or ensuring that our families and children have clean air to breathe. I am ready to take on these challenges and to chart a new course for our City–grounded in our common vision of efficient, responsive, and transparent city services. 


My purpose has always been clear—to leave a positive footprint for future generations by fighting for social justice, human rights and equity, and empowering and protecting the rights of women, minorities, the working class, and small businesses. This is who I am—from my days of community organizing to serving as your city commissioner and to currently owning my own business.


Now is the time to elect someone with experience in policy and government who can make CHANGE where it counts. I will not only lead with courage and empathy, but will bring my experience and proven track record of rolling up my sleeves and working to unify our diverse communities all while addressing your needs.


I am certain I can win this race with you by my side. I plan to run my campaign block-by-block, powered by people. Visit my website to learn more about my vision for a better Glendale.


If you feel as I do, that we can do and deserve better, then join our campaign by adding your name to our list of supporters, making a donation, and by signing up to get involved.


Together we’ll cross the finish line and make Glendale the best city to live, work, and play in.


Onward and upward,


Elen Asatryan



We're building this campaign block-by-block, powered by people. Add your name as an official community endorser!


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