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Help Elen Win
Donate Now

Our success requires resources and resources cost money.  You contribution today will play a major role in the on-the-ground-efforts that will help us mobilize the community and win this election.

2 Ways to Donate

  • The maximum donation is $5,500 per person or entity (business) for the primary and an additional $5,500 for the general election totaling $11,000. A couple can give $11,000 from a joint bank account or $22,000 for primary and general. Donors can choose to give the maximum per person/couple $11,000/$22,000 now.

  • The max cash donation is $99. No money orders allowed.

  • Must be a lawful US resident to donate.

  • Checks made payable to “Asatryan for Assembly 2024” MUST accompany a completed donation form.

  • The next financial reporting deadline is June 30, 2023. 

  • If you're interested in hosting a fundraiser or if you have and any questions related to fundraising and donations, contact Elen’s campaign Fundraiser Mona Sanchez at, (818) 523-3753

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