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After having garnered 22,339 votes during the Presidential Primary Elections in March, Elen Asatryan was sworn in over the weekend to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, as a member-elect representing the 43rd Assembly District. The swearing in took place en masse via Zoom due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I’m honored to join the LACDP and appreciate the voters, organizations, and supporters who made our collective victory possible. Together, we changed the way county central committee elections are conducted, and above all, we educated thousands of voters and the general public, who for the most part, were not familiar with the specifics of the committee’s mission and function,” stated Asatryan.

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Community activist and advocate for human and civil rights, Elen Asatryan on Thursday announced her candidacy for the Democratic County Central Committee representing the 43rd State Assembly district.

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